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Which do you find first – the home design or the block of land? Why not talk to a Sales Consultant at one of our displays first. Discuss your family’s needs and likes and we’ll suggest suitable home designs as well as provide advice on a suitable block. Our Sales Consultant can ensure the home design you like will fit onto the block, before you go ahead and buy it.

When looking for suitable blocks remember that gentle sloping or flat blocks are generally more preferable because they can be easier and more affordable to build on.

If you have already bought a block of land, we’ll provide advice on which home design will best suit your family on that block. Your Sales Consultant will discuss everything from the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, the size of each room, the outside appearance of your home, the alfresco area and so on.

Alternatively to take the stress out of finding a block and then finding a home to suit that block you might consider one of the many home and land packages Coral Homes has on offer.

Basically we’ll take you through just about everything you need to consider when planning a home that’s perfect for you and your family.


Any one of JRT Cabinets & Builders standard plans can be modified to suit your family’s specific requirements.

Once you have settled on the plan that’s right for you, your Sales Consultant will prepare a “Preliminary Estimate” which includes your changes to the standard design plus any site works required on your block.

Upon your approval of our Preliminary Estimate we will prepare a Preliminary Agreement.

A fee paid at this stage is fully deductible from the final contract price of your home1. This fee covers the following requirements:

> Soil testing
> Contour survey
> Site inspection by a qualified Building Supervisor
> Preparation of “New Home Tender”
> Preparation of contract documents
> Preparation of full working drawings

The completion of testing and surveys on your block allows Coral Homes to fix the price of site works in your contract – it’s all part of our fixed price guarantee for your complete peace of mind.


With all your changes finalised and formally documented, and associated prices fixed (including the price of site works), JRT Cabinets & Builders will issue a “New Home Tender”.

Your New Home Tender provides you with an opportunity to check that all your requests have been included before you proceed to signing a contract.

Your Sales Consultant will go over the tender with you and address any questions or concerns you might have.


Once you are happy with the detail and have accepted the New Home Tender, your Sales Consultant will request a contract and working drawings from our Head Office. These documents will require your signature and will be countersigned by JRT Cabinets & Builders before an original set is returned to you for your records.

If you are arranging finance, JRT Cabinets & Builders will electronically forward all the necessary documents (including a copy of your contract and plans) directly to your Lending Authority so they can prepare an “Authority to Commence Construction” letter, one of the important documents JRT Cabinets & Builders needs before construction of your home can commence.


In accordance with your contract, JRT Cabinets & Builders will prepare and lodge the relevant applications for approval by your Local Authority once your contract has been signed and the balance of your 5% deposit (i.e. 5% of the total contract value) has been paid.

Your lender will be notified once JRT Cabinets & Builders has received your relevant approvals.


Once your applications have been lodged you can start on your lighting and electrical requirements. A trained consultant will assist you with your lighting and electrical plan at a free consultation. You can attend this consultation in person or it can be conducted remotely over the internet and phone if required.

During your consultation you will see your electrical plan start coming to fruition on the screen in front of you as your consultant takes you through the rooms of your new home to discuss the various options.

After your consultation, you’ll get a copy of your house plans showing which products you’ve chosen and where everything needs to go – all ready for a trouble free installation.


One of the most exciting aspects of building your own home is that you get to choose all the colours, fittings and fixtures to reflect your own family’s personality, tastes and needs.

Having built numerous homes JRT Cabinets & Builders realises that choosing the finishes for your new home can at times be daunting. That’s why you’ll have the opportunity to visit our office where a trained consultant is on hand to personally guide you through the process and provide expert advice to you on your selections.

The JRT Cabinets & Builders inclusion sheet features a great range of the very latest products to choose from which means you can tailor your home perfectly with inclusions to suit your own needs, tastes and budget. Because at the end of the day it’s all about ensuring you are completely happy with the products you have selected in your new home!


The construction of your new home can commence once we have received the necessary documentation including relevant approvals and details of your finishes.

You will be invited to attend the preparation of your house pad where you will meet your Building Supervisor, who will be your first point of contact during the construction process. You will be given contact details, including a mobile phone number, for your Building Supervisor and Construction Manager, both of whom are available to answer any questions you may have during construction.

When the house pad has been prepared the concrete floor slab of your new home will be poured and construction will be well and truly under way.


“Handover” takes place when you finally receive the keys to your finished home and your dream becomes a reality!

When all works are completed, you will be invited to attend a “final walkthrough” inspection of your home with your Building Supervisor. Together you will inspect your new home and discuss any items which need to be addressed before you move in.

Once you’re happy and all monies have been paid, your Building Supervisor will present you with the keys to your new home and you can crack open the bubbly!


You can rest assured that JRT Cabinets & Builders service to you will continue even after the construction process has finished. We are committed to helping you settle into your new home and to make this process a smooth and enjoyable one.

We will provide you with a maintenance service for the first six months after handover. During this time, all you need to do is record any items you feel need attention and we’ll inspect and address these items at the end of the first six months in your new home.